The Friday Funnies

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• You Had ONE Job To Do
(Series provided by “Dr. Mc”)

One Job to do

… which connects us to …
• Why Women Outlive Men
(Series via “B-Squared”)

Why Women Live Longer

… not to pick only on the men, we turn now to our …
• Blonde Joke du Jour
(Hat tip: “Ol’ Petrol Head”)
blonde jokes-sm

A blonde is out for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite bank.
‘Yoo-hoo!’ she shouts, ‘How can I get to the other side?’
The second blonde looks up the river then down the river and shouts back, ‘You ARE on the other side.’

… The Blonde Joke du Jour is (almost) always followed by the ,,,
• Lawyer Joke du Jour

An attorney was on vacation in a small farming town. While walking through the streets, a car was involved in an accident. As expected a large crowd gathered. Going by instinct, the attorney was eager to get to the injured, but he couldn’t get near the car. Being a clever sort, he started shouting loudly, “Let me through! Let me through! I am the son of the victim.”

The crowd made way for him. Lying in front of the car was a donkey.

• This Week’s Walmartian


… now is an appropriate time for …


• The Walmart Car Show

Walmart Car Show

… which brings us to …
Nice try, Keurig
(Hat tip: Steven Hayward)


… in a similar vein …
• Not on the menu:
(Hat tip: B-Squared) Serve Women
• Freaks of Fast Food – The Burger King, Lizard Tail Edition

Freaks of Fast Food - Burger King

… which brings us to …
• Chicken Surprise
(Hat tip: “Ol’ Petrol Head”)

A couple go for a meal at a Chinese restaurant, and order the ‘Chicken Surprise’.
The waiter brings the meal, served in a lidded cast iron pot.

Just as the wife is about to serve herself, the lid of the pot rises slightly and she briefly sees two beady little eyes looking around, before the lid slams back down.

‘Good grief, did you see that!?’ she asks her husband.
He hadn’t, so she asks him to look in the pot.
He reaches for it and again the lid rises and he sees two little eyes, looking around before it slams down.
Rather perturbed, he calls the waiter over, explains what is happening, and demands an explanation.
‘Please sir,’ says the waiter, ‘what you order?’
The husband replies, ‘Chicken Surprise’

You’re going to love this but hate yourself for loving it!

‘Ah! So sorry,’ says the waiter, ‘I bring you Peeking Duck by mistake’…….

• Separated at Birth

Separated at Birth

• Katzndawgz
(Hat tip: “Chris-to-Fear”)


• Important Graph of Modern Life:
Graph of Survival w/o internet

… which connects us to ,,,
• Modern Gravestones


… which brings us to …
• Hades Development Labs

Hades Development

… which connects us to …
• Nice try …


… speaking of “nice try” …Just Ducky Implants
• Martin …LOOFAH

• One of «Louis la Vache’s» Friends
(Hat tip: “B-Squared”)

… and with that, we’ll say …

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