Gear Head Tuesday – Michael Paul Smith’s Model Car Town

Gear Head

Welcome to Elgin Park

Hat tip to everyone who has sent me the link to this!

Elgin Park

Welcome to Michael Paul Smith’s Elgin Park:
A 1/24th-scale recreation of everyday scenes from mid-20th century America, ranging from the 1920s to the mid-1960s

“What started as an exercise in model-making and photography became a dreamlike reconstruction of the town Michael grew up in. It’s not an exact recreation, but it does capture the mood and feel of his memories.

Photos posted on Flickr went viral, attracting millions of visitors from around the world. Michael’s work has since been featured by media around the world.

The buildings are constructed of resin-coated paper, styrene plastic, and basswood, plus numerous found objects. The vehicles are from Michael’s collection of 300+ commercially produced, diecast models.

No Photoshop was used in these images; they’re all composed in the camera. It is the oldest trick in the special effects book: lining up a model with an appropriate background, then photographing it.”

Elgin Park2

Elgin Park Movie

Photographed alongside the Ohio River is this scene with a ’53 Studebaker Commander Starliner and a ’58 Mercury:

Elgin Park - '53 Starliner

Elgin Park map

The next two images are for “Shirl,” whose first car was a ’59 Dodge hardtop, white with black fins:

Elgin Park '59 Dodge Ad

Elgin Park '59 Dodge


Elgin Park Santa 1

Elgin Park Santa 2

“The Greatest Packard Of Them All:”

Elgin Park 56 Packard ad

Elgin Park - Greatest Packard2

’56 Packard Caribbean hardtop; ’56 DeSoto hardtop:

Elgin Park - '56 Caribbean H:T

Elgin Park - '56 Caribbean setup

’58 Packard Hawk, ’58 Mercury:

Elgin Park:Packard HawkElgin Park:Packard Hawk2

’37 Studebaker Coupe-Express:

Elgin Park:'37 Coupe Express

More Studebakers in Elgin Park:

Elgin Park:'51 Commander

Elgin Park:Avanti

Elgin Park:'51 Commander2

Elgin Park:'55 Speedster


Elgin Park:Chrysler TurbineElgin Park:Chrysler Turbine2

Elgin Park:'58 Chrysler


Elgin Park:Used car lot


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  1. So realistic, it is amazing. What talent and imagination. I never tire of this guy and his ability!


  2. chris houck 09/02/2016 — 08:35

    That’s all that I can manage right now.


  3. Holy Sh–, hard to believe it isn’t real.


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