Gear Head Tuesday – Neat Old Haulers

Gear Head

A big tip of the hat to “Dr. Mc,” “Popcorn” and everyone else who has sent these photos. I decided to post them for all to see.

Hat Tip_2

We begin with this custom-built Packard Delivery Van. Obviously aiming at affluent customers, who was Jay Thorpe and what was his business? (My guess is an upscale florist.)

Neat Old Haulers - Packard Delivery Van

Next up is a Coca Cola truck in a museum. Note the Studebaker truck behind it:

Neat Old Haulers - Coca Cola

Here is a clockmaker. Germany? Austria? Switzerland?

Neat Old Haulers - Clocks

There was a time when men wore detachable collars:

Neat Old Haulers - Collars LTD

Neat Old Haulers - Collars Ltd. 2

I think this is from the U.K., but I can’t make out what Castlebank IS from the sign on the side: Readers, can you help with this?

Neat Old Haulers - Castlebank

Delivering gasoline with style:

Neat Old Haulers - Mobilgas2

Neat Old Haulers:Mobilgas

Neat Old Haulers - Texaco

Neat Old Haulers - Texaco2

The General Motors Parade of Progress was a forerunner of their Motorama shows of the ’50s:

Neat Old Haulers - General Motors

Here’s a mid-’30s Greyhound bus:

Neat Old Haulers - Greyhound

And now, in closing, two old haulers that brought Christmas to you, with apologies to Santa, Rudolph, et al:

Neat Old Haulers - Ford:Xmas trees

Neat Old Haulers - International


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  1. jack darnell 23/02/2016 — 07:25

    What a joy to see these. Amazing the things forgotten unless one is in the business of hauling. I enjoyed them all. I was trying to pick my favorite and could not. Some were odd enough by today’s standards. LOL



  2. Paul, The Coca Cola truck you have pictured is owned by Jerry Kurtz of Dover PA. He restored it himself to the high level seen. I think the picture you shared was taken when the truck was on display at the AACA museum in Hershey, PA. Thanks for sharing. Gordon


  3. Malcolm Thwaite 13/03/2017 — 09:03

    Castlebank was a Glasgow, Scotland laundry company. The van plus the two Collars vans was designed by a Glasgow company called Holland Coachcraft.


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