Jerry Mander – Your Government At Work Edition

Jerry Mander

A big tip of the hat to “Chris-to-Fear” for this!

Hat Tip_2

Your Government

Model Government

It’s very complex, makes a lot of noise, sounds dangerous, always needs lots of maintenance, but does absolutely NOTHING except waste energy and money! See it in action HERE!


Speaking of things that make a lot of noise and sound dangerous …

Duh Trump

Is Trump a Democrat Plant?

Bad news: Sen. Jeff Sessions Endorses Trump

Good news: Sen. Ben Sasse “Will Never Vote for Trump”

Fred Trump May Be Why Donald Trump Won’t Answer Questions About The KKK
• RELATED: (VIDEO) Watch Donald REFUSE To Denounce the KKK

Donald Trump is a Glass-Jawed Coward Afraid to Debate Rubio or Cruz Again


(Hat tip to “B-Squared” for providing many of the images below.)

Branco:voter outrage


Hitlery lied

Librulism Observed

Best photo caption

Christie Bridge


and now, in closing …


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  1. jack darnell 29/02/2016 — 16:59

    Is it possible to sh–t them all and start all over? What a crazy election cycle!


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