Gear Head Tuesday – Studebakers You Can Eat and Drink!

Gear Head

Did you know there are Studebakers you can eat and drink?

Studebaker Cheese Cake

In a kitchen shared with a scone maker, Studebaker cheesecakes are made in Sonoma, California. Pardon the poor image quality. It was raining very hard when I snapped this photo with my iPhone.

The local Chapter of the Studebaker Drivers Club made Studebaker Cheesecake their destination on a 2011 tour (the two photos below are from the post at the SDC website):

Studebaker Cheesecakes

Above: Here’s a refrigerated display case full of Studebaker Cheesecakes. Below: SDC members’ Studebakers parked in front of the shop. The burgundy Studebaker is a rare ’39 Coupe-Express.

SDC at Studebaker Cheesecake

Now to wash down the cheesecake, we have Studebaker cocktails, brought to us by Diageo, the company that serves up Johnnie Walker, Crown Royal, J&B, Windsor and Buchanan’s whiskies, Smirnoff, Ciroc and Ketel One vodkas, Baileys, Captain Morgan, Tanqueray and Guinness.



Spotted in the local (Dixon, California) Safeway supermarket parking lot was this Toyota pickup. Note also the license plate frame.  I wasn’t able to find out who drives this Toyota, but it may be the SDC member who posted at the SDC website the article about Studebaker Cheesecake. I noticed that the author of that article lives in Dixon, CA.

Studebaker Bumper Sticker


An update to Studebakers Awaiting Rescue


Here’s a happy ending! The owner of the Studebakers in this post has sold four of his five Studebakers to a Studebaker Drivers Club member in the Sequoia Chapter who restores and sells his restored Studebakers. The ’60 Lark hardtop, ’64 Cruiser sedan, ’59 Lark sedan and the ’55 Speedster were sold. The owner retains the ’64 GT Hawk.


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  1. jack darnell 08/03/2016 — 05:27

    Some folk know marketing. Neat niche someone has discovered. I like it. THANKS


  2. I drove over to Sonoma last Friday hoping to get some of that cheesecake. It was pouring rain and I got SOAKED getting out of the car AND they were closed! Bummer! (But I can’t complain about the rain – after 3 years of drought, we need every drop of it.)


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