The Friday Funnies – Flu Shot Edition

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With winter approaching in the Northern Hemisphere, “Dr. Mc” and “Joe P.” remind us that with winter comes cold and flu season …

• Better Than A Flu Shot!


Miss Beatrice, the church organist, was in her eighties, had never been married. She was admired for her sweetness and kindness to all.

One afternoon the pastor came to call on her and she showed him into her quaint sitting room. She invited him to have a seat while she prepared tea. As he sat facing her old Hammond organ, the young minister noticed a cut glass bowl sitting on top of it. The bowl was filled with water, in the water floated of all things, a condom!

When she returned with tea and scones, they began to chat. The pastor tried to stifle his curiosity about the bowl of water, its strange floater, but soon it got the better of him he could no longer resist. ‘Miss Beatrice’, he said, ‘I wonder if you would tell me about this? Pointing to the bowl. ‘Oh, yes,’ she replied, ‘Isn’t it wonderful? I was walking through the park a few months ago and I found this little package on the ground. The directions said to place it on the organ, keep it wet, that it would prevent the spread of disease. Do you know I haven’t had the flu all winter!

… and that brings us to …
• Irish Flu Shots
(“Dr. Mc” prescribes these …)


• More News You Can Use About Cold and Flu Season:





• Questionable Names – San Francisco Edition


• Why Women Live Longer Than Men


• How Was Your Monday?


• No doubt, there will be …. to pay!
(Hat tip: “B-Squared”)


• Katzndawgz, Aunt Carol Edition
(Hat tip: “Chris-to-Fear”)


… while we are on the subject of cats …
• Separated at Birth: Grumpy Cat and the 2017 Toyota Prius

… speaking of Grumpy Cat …
• Snark du Jour


• Blonde Joke du Jour

blonde jokes-sm

A blonde out is for a walk. She comes to a river and sees another blonde on the opposite bank.
‘Yoo-hoo!’ she shouts, ‘How can I get to the other side?’
The second blonde looks up the river then down the river and shouts back, ‘You ARE on the other side.’

• Groaner du Jour


• Pun du Jour
(Hat tip: “Shirl”)

The fattest knight at King Arthur’s Round Table was Sir Cumference. He acquired his size from too much pi.

• I hope she named one of them “Drano” …
(Hat tip: “B-Squared”)




And now! The Highlight Of The Week!

This Week’s Walmartian!



The Walmart Car Show


… and on that note, for this Friday, we’ll say …

That's All

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  1. Jack Darnell 21/10/2016 — 04:52

    Thanks for the entertainment. Man, you sure had the hair today!


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