Jerry Mander – Mafia In Priuses Edition

Jerry Mander


Gutfeld: Liberals Are “Like the Mafia in Priuses”

Greg Gutfeld

Greg Gutfeld said on Fox News’s The Five: “If everybody had a left-wing attitude, there would be no country.” He criticized liberals’ attitude toward military action and their ability to take credit for keeping America running smoothly. He continued: “They believe that they are somehow involved in the success of the country. They are like the mafia in Priuses. They show up like they had a part in this. No, you didn’t.”

Click HERE to watch the 1 min. video. Hilariously true!


Maxine Waters: “I Have Not Called for Impeachment…”


Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) isn’t just using alternative facts, she’s living in an alternative reality! Even MSNBC admitted they had caught her in a lie on national television. She said, “I have not called for impeachment.” But they pointed to her tweet she had sent out just hours earlier:


And tweeting aside, she led Tax March protesters in a chant on Saturday– “Impeach 45, impeach 45, impeach 45…” (45 being a derogatory term that some left-wingers are using to refer to President Trump).

Seriously?!? Are any of these Democrats thinking at all?


Separated at Birth

Maxine-Waters-separated at birth



Mad Maxine now brings us to

Chuck Woolery on Nancy P. Lousy:

Woolery-P. Lousy


Tolrunt Libruls

(®™ George Soros & the DNC)




Meanwhile, at The Stupid Party (®™ RNC) :



More News You Can Use:





O'Reilly-BJ Clinton




Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – I Can’t Even Edition




And now, in closing:


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