Jerry Mander – Trump Derangement Syndrome, Road Rage Edition

Jerry Mander

2007 Toyota Prius Touring Edition.

Trump Derangement Syndrome – Road Rage Edition

As I was driving to work Saturday morning, traveling west on I-80 between Cordelia and Vallejo, CA, traffic slowed to a crawl. The Waze App on my iPhone indicated an accident ahead. Traffic was backed up some 5 miles behind the scene of the accident.

When I finally got to the scene of the “accident,” it turned out not to be an accident but a case of Trump Derangement Syndrome turned into Road Rage. There were four Solano County Sheriff Department cars, a California Highway Patrol motorcycle and a CHP car at the scene. Two lanes were blocked. A red Toyota Prius with a Bernie Sanders for President sticker on the rear bumper had rammed a white Ram pickup in front of it, the sin of the Ram driver having been that he had a Trump sticker on the back of his truck!

What insanity would drive someone to ram another vehicle at freeway speeds?!?! The only answer can be Trump Derangement Syndrome!

After being hit, the truck driver managed to steer his Ram into the concrete retaining wall between the west and east bound lanes, thus not hitting cars in the middle and right lanes. He appeared to be largely unhurt. It is amazing that the Prius driver didn’t cause a larger and far more serious wreck. The airbags on the Prius had deployed.

The police officers on the scene had arrested the Prius driver. He was in handcuffs and sitting on the ground. As I passed by the scene, he attempted to get up. He was shouting at the Sheriff Deputy standing over him. The Deputy pulled his gun and it was obvious the Deputy “encouraged” the Prius driver to stay put.

James Holmes

The driver of the Prius had an uncanny resemblance
to leftist mass-shooter James Holmes.

The Prius driver appeared to be tall and thin with pasty white skin, his face pock-marked with pimples – obviously a young man. He had dyed his curly hair orange. He had an uncanny resemblance to Colorado leftist and mass shooter James Holmes! Traffic was moving slowly enough I was able to get a good look.

Steven Hayward asks “Why Are Liberals Always So Upset?” Take a moment to read his post at Power Line.

The Left, earning the sobriquet “Lunatic Left,” seems to be hell bent on unraveling the civil fabric of our nation.







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