Jerry Mander: Obama’s “Fundamental Transformation” of the U.S.

Jerry Mander

Hat tip: “B-Squared”

Obama’s accomplishments in 9 charts.

Here is the real story of America ‘s decline right from their own Fed web sites.

It can’t be made and simpler than this. These charts came from the Federal Reserve Bank in St. Louis.

Obama’s “Recovery”







I survived Obama


And now, in closing (with another hat tip to “B-Squared”):



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  1. Gordon F. Kertzel,lll 02/07/2017 — 05:25

    Unfortunately, more truth than humor here!!!!!!!!!!!! Gordon

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  2. My Smith & Wesson still works

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  3. Just hoping that someday common sense will prevail, however I will not be holding my breath. :-O

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