Jerry Mander – Make Congress Pay the Same As Us For Obamacare!

Jerry Mander

Obamacare Assets

President Trump has threatened to issue an Executive Order ending the  illegal subsidy Obama gave Congress to help them pay for their health insurance under Obamacare. This is spot-on! The b@$t@rd$ should not be exempt from what they force on the rest of us! Make them pay the same for Obamacare as we do! Senate Conservatives have put up a petition to the White House to this effect:

This past weekend, President Trump vowed to take administrative action to end two Obamacare bailouts if Congress doesn’t quickly repeal the failing healthcare law.

Trump Tweet Obamacare

The first bailout is the exemption that President Obama helped give to Members of Congress and the second bailout is the subsidy program Obama created for health insurance companies.

And the best part about President Trump’s threat is that short of passing a new law, Congress can’t stop him.

Please show your support for this decision by sending a letter to President Trump urging him to end these bailouts >>HERE<<

There is no reason why Congress should have a special Obamacare exemption and there is no reason why the insurance companies that lobbied for Obamacare should get a taxpayer bailout.

If the DC establishment won’t take action to repeal Obamacare and provide true relief to the American people, then they should have to live under the law they passed and share the pain.

Many Republican lawmakers are afraid of what the Democrats and media will say about them if they repeal the law, but that pales in comparison to what the voters will do to Republicans at the ballot box if they allow it to continue.

Senator Ted Cruz was right when he said, “No party can remain in power by lying to the American people.”

Please thank President Trump for being willing to end the Obamacare bailouts and urge him to make it happen.

These policies are unfair and should be terminated immediately.



Be sure to sign the petition to >>DITCH MITCH<<


Obamacare suppositories




And now, in closing:



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  1. I am very disappointed in McCain, he used a ‘pay-back’ for his self interest, with complete disregard for the American People. I hope the results show up at the polls if he survives the cancer. Note: I certainly do not wish him the worst concerning the cancer. I despise the word.

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    • McVAIN is never more happy than when he is jabbing his thumb into the collective eye of his political party. In his 2016 re-election bid, he campaigned hard on repealing Obamacare. What a turncoat! He deliberately did this to spite Trump.


  2. Kenneth Felton 31/07/2017 — 23:57

    Your Charlie Gard picture was spot on. In Britain over 200K people are euthanatized a year so they can make room for new patients. It’s one of the reasons the Remains think they can overturn Brexit in a few more years.

    Nothing illustrates the venality of the Congress more than the exemptions they give themselves from the laws they impose on us.

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    • Re the Congress – we need Constitutional amendments limiting their terms in office and preventing them from exempting themselves from the laws they impose on the rest of us! We also need term limits for the Supreme Court.


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