Jerry Mander – Monumental Edition!

Jerry Mander

Confederate statues being removed under the cover of darkness at the University of Texas, Austin:



Democrat History






Who is funding this? Soros, anyone?




Prayer Organizer Responds To Pelosi: ‘I’m Brown,’ ‘She’s Trying to Rile Up Citizens’ to Violence

August 19, 2017 MJA 6

CNS: Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) is calling for the National Park Service to revoke the permit for a Patriot Prayer event because she says it’s a “white supremacist rally” – even though the organizer and all but one speaker are not white.









Action board

• Petition to Formally Recognize AntiFa As A Terrorist Group: Click >>HERE<<

• Petition GOP Senators to Remove Mitch McConnell As Majority Leader:
Click >>HERE<<


More News You Can Use:



And now, in closing:



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  1. Bud Sansbury 28/08/2017 — 07:21

    When will we be required to stand in lines along the road and display the “proper” amount of manufactured outrage, phony grief,and shed Crock-a-dile tears as they do in North Korea? I imagine it will be soon, since the Rinos have joined the Demo-Craps, the media, and the so-called entertainers in doing so. I wonder if there are any Rinos standing by as Alternates for Mueller’s Grand Jury. Amen on the Hollywood sign.

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    • If we Conservatives don’t end our circular firing squad and start focusing on the real enemy, the NORK-like crocodile tears aren’t far away … I’m sure that McConnell has plenty of alternates for Mueller’s “Grand Jury.” The RINOs and the Lunatic Left are united in their desire to bring Trump down.


  2. Ditto to Bud’s comment. Very well put together. Especially liked the ‘Trump is not your president’. How can Pelosi and her twin sister keep being re-elected with the wisdom that flows from their actions and words. A-mazing!

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  3. Kenneth Felton 28/08/2017 — 14:50

    Another full house of humor and satire. I was happy to see the petition to label antifa a terrorist group has three times the signatures needed with a couple of weeks to spare. The SPLC should be on that list too.
    I’m keeping my fingers crossed on McConnell going down.

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    • I hope they follow through with naming Antifa a terrorist group!

      You know Antifa has gone too far when Leftist luminaries such as the Mayor of The Peoples Republic of Berserkeley and Nancy P. Lousy call them out!

      We seriously need to force Mushhead McConnell (AND Paul Ryan) OUT! Please encourage those in your circle of influence to go to and sign the petition!


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