Gear Head Tuesday – Old Chevys, an old Plymouth and Jay Leno’s Packard-Merlin V-12

Gear Head

Although we normally focus on Packards (and to a lesser extent Studebakers) in our Gear Head Tuesday posts, we are always happy when we find any old car that has been restored or preserved and is out for a little “exercise” with its owner(s). Thus we were happy this past Saturday morning to find these Chevrolets outside Mary’s Pizza Shack in Dixon, California. There were three of them,  a ’39, a ’38 and one more earlier vintage. I speak “fluent Packard,” not “fluent Chevrolet,” so I’m not certain of the year of the third Chevy, but I think it is a ’31. In any case, for your viewing pleasure courtesy of Steve Jobs and my iPhone:

’39 Chevy:

39 Chevy-f39 Chevy-lf39 Chevy-rear39 Chevy-rf39 Chevy-rs

’38 Chevy:

38 Chevy-rf38 Chevy-rear38 Chevy-r

’31 (?) Chevy:

31 Chevy-f31 Chevy-rf31 Chevy-r

A few blocks away was this nice ’47 Plymouth:

47 Plymouth-fr47 Plymouth-r_s47 Plymouth-rear


Now, via “RogerDetroit” at PackardInfo, here is Jay Leno’s
Packard-Merlin V-12

The Engine That Won World War II


Vacationers to the Detroit area should visit the Packard Proving Grounds, maintained by the Packard Motor Car Foundation. The proving grounds is located outside of Utica, MI where Packard built its plant to build aircraft and marine engines, its passenger car V-8  engine and Ultramatic Drive automatic transmissions. 

Crain’s Detroit Business reports that tours have begun of the Packard plant on East Grand Boulevard in Detroit: Inaugural Tour of Packard Plant Captivates Visitors

In closing, “Dr.Mc” sends us this Murray Car:



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  1. Nice Chevs Would like to have the 47 back that I once had. Sure is hard to find these old cars any more.
    Unkle Jerry

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    • Yes! This is a trio of very nice Chevys! The owners were inside the restaurant and I didn’t want to disturb them. I think they had come down from Sacramento. It was a beautiful – but HOT – day for a drive. It got up to 107º Saturday!


  2. Thanks for these great pictures, I live and breath automobiles, and have ever since my first Murry car at age 4 or 5. How about some Nash Lafayette stuff someday ?

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  3. I never had a peddle car, but wanted one. A further note, a person is pretty daft if they don’t see most of the older cars as ART!

    Love seeing ’em. When I retire I’m gonna get me one to drive (or be driven) around on Sunday afternoon. Gonna drag main!

    Liked by 1 person

    • I never had one, either.
      I remember when I was nine, my mother took me to Needless Markup (ahem) Neiman-Marcus in Dallas. They had a pedal-car size ’56 Thunderbird that has a battery powered motor in it. It ran off a car battery. Oh, how I wanted that car! I didn’t get it … (sigh)


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