Jerry Mander – Declare Soros A Terrorist Edition

Jerry Mander

Action board

We are calling for action today.

Please sign the petition to Declare George Soros a Terrorist. Also, please sign the petition to declare the Soros-funded AntiFa as terrorist organization.

We also encourage you to sign the petition for the Republicans to replace Mitch McConnell as Majority Leader. McConnell is DELIBERATELY slow walking President Trump’s agenda. We need to force him out.

The Left and the GOPe get away with as much as they do because not enough of us speak out! The links above make it easy to add your voice.





Soros is funding most of the Antifa violence:

Soros-recruitingSoros is the Enemy

Sign the petition to declare Soros a terrorist >>HERE<<.


Sign the Petition to declare AntiFa a terrorist group >>HERE<<

Ditch Mitch

Sign the Petition to Ditch Mitch >>HERE<<









Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Hurricane Trump Edition


Click >>HERE<<


And now, in closing:



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  1. Very good entry. Love the idea that ‘Black Lives Matter’ gave so much to help the blacks who were in the Hurricane. I think BRANCO hit the nail on the head with the cartoon of reporter in boat. That is EXACTLY what is happening.

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    • Indeed! I heard a sound bit on The Morning Show at KSFO where Chris Cuomo was trying to get Kelly Anne Conway to admit that Harvey was caused by “Climate Change”. She pinned his ears to the wall for bringing that up when the Trump administration is trying to help the people hurt by the storm.


  2. Bud Sansbury 02/09/2017 — 15:15

    Ditto Jack. But again…maybe…. they would have had several truck loads if we would let them get on with their looting first. OOPS! Did I really say that?

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