Type-In at California Typewriter


“Chris-to-Fear”, “The Head Cheeze” and I attended an “Only In Berkeley” event on Tuesday evening, 26 September, a Type-In at California Typewriter on San Pablo Avenue in The People’s Republic of Berserkeley. The event celebrated the release of the Tom Hanks-backed movie about old school typewriters, the film taking its name from the Berkeley shop which sells and repairs typewriters. Hanks himself has a collection of 200 typewriters. The San Francisco Chronicle had this article about the movie and event.



Participants happily typing away at the Type-In


“Chris-to-Fear” typing on an Olivetti.


Some of the old typewriters at California Typewriter

Olivetti ad



Old typewriter ads adorn the walls. Note the text of the Hermes ad in the bottom image. Ad agencies would never get away with this text and its implications in today’s Snowflake Society!

The Type-In event at the store invited participants to bring their own typewriters – or use one of theirs. A fine time was had by all, and the three of us retired to La Marcha, a Spanish restaurant on San Pablo where we had tapas and a fine paella (recipes HERE and HERE).



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  1. It was a pleasant evening, and I enjoyed sharing the experience with you. If you haven’t seen the movie yet, please do it soon. i sure that you will enjoy it.
    Happy trails,

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  2. Wish I knew of this shop before I bought a typewriter on Etsy but it came from Poland and is the perfect shade of blue.
    I just wanted one to look good in my studio and so I can “type” on a card.
    This looks like a fun day out. Have not heard of this movie and will have to look for it.

    cheers, parsnip

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