California Wine Country Fires – Update


Above: a view of the hills forming the east side of the Napa Valley from Pedrick Road on the northeast side of Dixon, photo taken at 17:25 hrs Sunday 15 October. Earlier in the day, the hills were visible but a huge pillar of smoke was rising over the valley. I was unable to get a photo of that – it would have made a nice contrast with these 3 photos.  A shift in the winds in the afternoon blew the smoke down over the east side, obscuring the hills.


Above and below – in the setting sun, the hills are barely visible under the smoke – you have to look carefully to see them.. Photos taken at 18:50 hrs Sunday 15 October on County Road 98 just south of West Covell Blvd., Davis



The map above gives you an overall perspective of the wine country fires. The pin drop shows the vantage point of the second and third photos. The map below is a closer-in view of the vantage point of the second and third images. The first image was taken further south where County Road 98 changes names to Pedrick Road on the northeast side of Dixon.

County Road 98

Excellent photos of animal survivors and evacuees in the fire zone >>HERE<<

CalFire reports that the Tubbs Fire (named after Tubbs Lane where it began) around Calistoga is now 60% contained. This is good news for residents of Calistoga as they will soon be allowed to return to the town. The Atlas Fire, also in Napa County, is 65% contained after having burned almost 52,000 acres.

In neighboring Sonoma County, the news is not as good. The Nunns Fire and the Pocket Fire in Sonoma County are (respectively) only 40% and 30% contained as of Sunday night at 22:00. The Oakmont Fire, also in Sonoma County, is only 15% contained. These three fires have consumed some 60,000 acres thus far.

Here is an interesting video of Berkeley Firefighters working in Santa Rosa to help stop the fire there:


Two Screen Shots of the Berkeley Fire Crew in Santa Rosa:


Berkeley Fire Fighters2


CalFire’s Map of Current California Fires
It’s as if the entire state is ablaze.



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  1. Shocking stories in the news over here concerning this tragedy. 40 people lost – simply awful. Thoughts are with you.

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    • Thank you, Mike – we seem to be safe here in Dixon. The fires continue across Sonoma County. If there is any good news in this, that news is that anyone working in construction trades will be assured of work for quite some time as California rebuilds.


  2. No Words my friend, thanks for the up date. Life is precious. Things can be replaced as you said, but losing lives hits hard.
    From Florida!

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  3. This reminds me of the Laguna Beach fire only on a smaller scale. But each neighborhoods are built up and down hills. The fire roared over and down on us.
    What you see in the video looks just like my home.

    Happy to know you are still safe.
    cheers, parsnip

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  4. Bud Sansbury 16/10/2017 — 16:39

    Take care! I read everything you post so I kinda got used to having you around. Be very aware.
    On the road and plan to be in Florida in a few days. Bud

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    • We are in our ninth day of the fires across Napa and Sonoma Counties – not to mention the myriad other fires burning across California and into Nevada.

      The firefighters are beginning to contain the Napa-Sonoma fires. What a struggle it has been!

      I’m safe here in Dixon, though many days we’ve had a lot of smoke, including today. At the worst, we are some 20-25 miles from the fires and they would have to come down over the hills to get here. But its farmland between the hills and Dixon, and the geography doesn’t work against us as it does in many of the other areas.

      I was in Sacramento this morning. I saw a fire truck from San José in a supermarket parking lot. San José is about 150 miles from Sacramento. I imagine that fire truck had been fighting the fires in Yuba County north west of Sacramento. Yuba County is north of Napa County and the Atlas fire (named after Atlas Peak where it started) had spread into Yuba County. As I wrote on the blog, it’s as if the entire state is ablaze!


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