Build the Wall for Kate Steinle!



After the outrageous verdict in San Francisco letting Kate Steinle’s murderer – a career criminal with 7 felony convictions, an illegal immigrant who has been deported 5 previous times – off with what is essentially a wrist-slap, President Trump launched a petition to force Congress to build the wall on the southern border.

Here is the message from President Trump:

“I was very happy to hear that our House majority PASSED a bill for the down payment to build THE WALL along the Southern border.

…But before the bill goes to the Senate for approval, I need your immediate help.

Let’s remind every single Senator the American VOTERS want this beautiful, impenetrable wall constructed.

I want to show every Liberal Senator a list of American voters that will NOT be happy if the wall isn’t built. I need your name on the list.

Please sign it.

Action board

Sign the petition to build the wall >>HERE<<

Kate Steinle Murdered



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  1. C.S. Marshall 03/12/2017 — 08:34

    Boycott S.F. until it reverses it’s sanctuary city status. I’d do the same for Calif, but I live here.

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  2. I really do not think just a new wall will help we need to get our army home and patrol our borders like every other country in the world does.
    When we catch them and if their fingerprint comes up, no waiting for a new trial put them on a bus and drop them back into Mexico.
    No more anchor babies, no citizenship and life time of handout.
    If you are already on social services for you first anchor baby that means you can not support a second or third baby. Free money stops at the first one. Children are not chatel for money.
    If an illegal parent get caught and does not want to leave and “tearfully” break up the family, family goes with back to where ever.
    If we do not keep paying Illegals to live here for free they will stop coming.

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    • I forgot to say if you are getting welfare, you have to learn ENGLISH and go on birth control.

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    • Len Dufresne 04/12/2017 — 03:28

      I agree. Mobilize the National Guards, also. We’re paying them so we should get something for our money. We have the technology to stop this invasion so use it! Once caught in the USA illegally, tatoo them. Nano-technology can be used to identify any one of these people, any time by using a proximity scanner.To hell with the ACLU. They’re mostly lawyers who couldn’t get a real job anyway.

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  3. Bud Sansbury 03/12/2017 — 13:26

    parsnip X 2.

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  4. Amen and amen. All gov’t money should be cut off to any city that refuses to support a bonifide law!

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  5. About the wall. Of course I am for it. BUT, but the man himself said Mexico will pay for it. I have yet seen or heard of of even a 1% ‘surcharge’ on good crossing the border. Those tractor and trailers pour thru every day with goods. Some cost could be applied to show Trumps good faith and seriousness. Start with 1/2%. If he had not said it time and time again, it would not be so bad. But showing some good faith in proving the USA’s taxes will not be paying might get the fence straddlers more to his side. Just sayin’.


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