No knee here! Army-Navy Game National Anthem

Click to play (1m 26 sec):


This is fabulous! Listen carefully – they are singing in four-part harmony. There is a very nice soprano descant – and they are singing from memory.

Take that, NFL!


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  1. Yep, that is refreshing. And yes, it is amazing the memory span of some folk. Especially the ‘take a knee’ bunch. I know Kapernick would like to reverse things but too many ‘mindless’ followers ready to condemn the USA jumped on the wagon. Now he cannot back down.

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  2. Bud Sansbury 11/12/2017 — 08:04

    I love it when Our Anthem is sung or played as written. I Cringe when some “so called entertainers” gargle their way through the song and screech like a banshee at the end. I would rather hear and smell a horse farting to “Jingle Bells.” Thank you! I’ve clicked on it and played it four times already and I will never tire of hearing it done correctly.

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