Bono Natale! – Italian Christmas Time!


Merry Christmas to all of you!

Thank you for your visits, comments and contributions this year! Our resident Irishman and staff Neurologist, “Dr. Mc”, sends us this Italian (rather than Irish) Christmas item. It’s too good not to share (click to play):

While we are doing Christmas, Italian style, here it is with an Noo Joisey accent:

Pannetone problem

Italian Panettone Christmas

Italian snacks

Christmas In Pisa


nonnas shrine


Some of these are via “B-Squared”:


Did someone say Christmas Dinner



On a more serious note, on this Christmas Day, let us remember those heroes who stood down a determined Nazi drive in the Battle of the Bulge on Christmas, 1944:

Battle of the Bulge

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu sends us his Christmas Greetings from Jerusalem (Click to play; 1 min. 21 sec.):


Tyler O’Neil at PJ Media gives us The Historical Evidence for The Virgin Birth, The Angel Choirs and the Bethlehem Star.

Lastly, we pause this day to remember that the march to Easter begins at Christmas.

King Size Bed

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