Trump Triggers Fauxchahontas, James Woods Does Cleanup

Jerry Mander

Fauxchahonts_head dress

Trump Triggers Fauxchahontas

Let’s all send Fauxchahontas a tube of this:

Butthurt Cream

Twitchy posted more – Fauxchahontas opened herself up to questions about what she believes about unborn babies vs. her support of the murderers at Planned Parenthood. Here’s a sampling:


Action board

You can join in, too! Write Fauxchahonatas HERE and tell her to go back to the Reservation she escaped from. I just did …

Butthurt Cream

More News You Can Use:

Shock troops in War on Women



Trump New Year

Obama-shrinking legacy

And now, in closing: 



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  1. Bud Sansbury 31/12/2017 — 11:35

    I don’t care how old Puke-A- hontas, in her case it’s never too late for abortion. Hmmm….does Planned Parenthood have a hit team?

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  2. Bud Sansbury 31/12/2017 — 11:47

    Can you imagine anyone having given thought to what she says and does and then actually go to the polls and vote for her. Beyond me.

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  3. Amen to Bud, and thanks for some smiles. I am continually amazed at folks becoming millionaires over WEATHER. I keep wanting to ask when we are gonna stop that tide thing, the water going up and down. Surely controlling the climate we could do something to fix that.
    Trump ain’t my favorite person, but I sure do agree with him on a lot of subjects.
    Love the graphic on biting the hand that feeds you. So stinking true!!!

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    • Speaking of folks becoming millionaires over WEATHER – do an internet search about Democrat Tom Steyer.
      It makes me sick how these leftists used the Capitalist system they are now trying to destroy to amass their own wealth. The archetype of this syndrome is George Soros. It’s as if “we’ve got ours, now we’re going to make sure you don’t get yours.”


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