Jerry Mander – Nancy P. Lousy Cud Chewing Edition!

Jerry Mander

Criminal Organization

The Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party, a.k.a. the Democrats, beclowned itself with what was (even for them) sophomoric behavior during President Trump’s State of the Union message. Not surprisingly, Nancy P. Lousy was setting the example for the rest of the ‘rats to follow:

Nancy Chewing

Nancy-truth hurts







Nancy P. Lousy Separated at Birth

Nancy P. Lousy, Separated at Birth

Democrat Dreamers



Meanwhile, at Old Hitlery’s* bunker …

* Old Hitlery is a registered Trade Mark ®™ of the DNC. Both Old Hitlery and the DNC are wholly-owned subsidiaries of George Soros.

Hitlery sees her shadow




Trump waving

Don’t miss this:
I am Donald Trump and I approve of this message (Click to play):




Trump-t:o_Hitlery smashed

Trump-y'all stop fighting

0.73 Oprahs

Trump waving

Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – State of the Union Edition

Nancy-Tide Pod

Click >>HERE<<

Trump waving

And now, in closing:



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  1. Love the Easter Island statues! The video of Clinton and Obama should be played on ALL media networks. YEAH I know it will be. Just about th time Hell freezes over! hahaha

    Good one today. Grteat graphics again. Well put together!

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  2. Bud Sansbury 03/02/2018 — 15:30

    I know that everyone thinks that is Nancy P Lousy’s mouth, but she has had so many face-lifts , I’m little bit suspicious. I would have guessed it would be on the back side of her head, but she does talk a lot of crap. It’s the first time I’ve seen teeth in one of those things. Gonna call my buddy who happens to be a Proctologist, maybe he can shed some light on this. Probably just a Democrat thing.

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  3. Bud Sansbury 03/02/2018 — 15:35

    PS. What Jack said times 2. Will save the video for some selected ‘friends’.


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  4. C.S. Marshall 03/02/2018 — 17:01

    Oh my, this is an exceptional presentation!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Len Dufresne 04/02/2018 — 04:02


    Great way to kick off “National Black Misery Month”.

    Liked by 1 person

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