Jerry Mander – RINOplasty Edition

Jerry Mander


From Senate Conservatives:

In 2011, Conservatives in Congress were unsuccessful in getting all of their “Cut, Cap, and Balance” budget plan enacted, but they succeeded in pressuring party leaders to pass new spending caps as part of the Budget Control Act.

Sadly, those gains are being reversed by the new spending deal cut by Senators Mitch McConnell (RINO-KY) and Chuck Schumer (D-NY), which will bust the caps with $300 billion in new spending.

And if that’s not bad enough, the deal also includes over $80 billion in so-called disaster relief, more corporate tax extenders for their Washington buddies, an expansion of farm subsidies, and yet another suspension in the federal debt limit.

This deal is yet another example of why Mitch McConnell should be immediately replaced as the Republican leader.

Action board

Please take a minute to send an instant message to all Senate Republicans urging them to replace Mitch McConnell. Click  >>HERE<<

McConnell has bragged about his role in negotiating the Budget Control Act for years. He even highlighted it as “McConnell’s Moment” in his recent book called The Long Game.

Since this latest deal nullifies the law’s spending caps, it’s probably only fair to call it “Schumer’s Moment.”

If there was any doubt about who won the shutdown debate last month, this clears it up. Not only did the Democrats get the spending and debt they wanted in the budget debate, but they also got McConnell to agree to put their amnesty bill on the floor.

Enough is enough. Tell Republicans to replace McConnell.

With unified Republican control of the House, the Senate, and the White House, Republicans should be passing conservative policies yet Mitch McConnell has failed to keep many of the party’s biggest campaign promises.

Obamacare has not been repealed, the border wall has not been funded, Planned Parenthood is still receiving taxpayer money, and federal spending is continuing to explode.

Mitch McConnell prides himself on being a deal maker, but all of his deals advance a liberal agenda. The only “long game” he’s playing is one that buries our children and grandchildren in debt.

It’s why Senator Ted Cruz once called McConnell “the most effective Democratic leader in modern times.”

If you agree that it’s time for Senate Republicans to ditch Mitch, please send them a message right now.

This latest spending and debt deal with Chuck Schumer shows why we cannot afford to tolerate McConnell’s failed leadership anymore.

Let’s work together to replace failed leaders and drain the swamp.




McConnell-Fiscal Responsibility-pig


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Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Oh, Canada Edition


Click >>HERE<<

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  1. I am tired, my back hurts I am sick of politics. I dream of one day finding someone in congress who knows what my daddy with a 3rd grad education KNEW, You cannot live long when you spend more than you make. He endured the depression, they raised 7 kids and he still never took a dime from the government that he had not paid in.

    This congress sucks. A majority and still the Repubs THINK they must cave in!

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