Friday Funnies – Hugh Jass’s Reading List!

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We haven’t heard from our friend Hugh Jass in a while. “B-Squared” discovered Hugh Jass’s reading list and shared it with us.

Hugh Jass

Hugh Jass's-Reading-List

Next up: “Unkle Jerry” sends this news about a young boy who …
•  Can Never Run For Public Office
(Because his name isn’t BJ Clinton … )

poor kid

… which brings us to …
• Great Moments In History

Great Moments In History-snowcone boobs

… and THAT reminds us that 

You Never Outgrow Your Need for Milk


“B-Squared” brings us this heartwarming story of a …
•  Helpful German Who Saves A Drowning Dog
Here is a great story without a word being said … except at the very end:


A German tourist jumped into the freezing water and saved my precious little dog. Upon getting back on the pier, he checked my puppy out and told me, “Ze dog ist OK. He vill be fine.”

While thanking him for his selfless, heroic act, I also asked, “Are you a vet?”

He replied, “Vet? I’m fuken soaked!”


… “Yuba City Doris” shares with us a …
• Nice Story About The Elderly

When we get older we think differently, don’t we?

This letter was sent to the Principal’s office after the school had sponsored a luncheon for the elderly. An elderly lady received a new radio at the lunch as a door prize and was writing to say thank you. This story is a credit to all humankind:

Dear Kean Elementary:
God bless you for the beautiful radio I won at your recent senior citizens luncheon. I am 94 years old and live at the Sprenger Home for the Aged. All of my family has passed away. I am all alone now and it’s nice to know that someone is thinking of me. God bless you for your kindness to an old forgotten lady. My roommate is 95 and has always had her own radio, but before I received one, she would never let me listen to hers, even when she was napping.

The other day her radio fell off the night stand and broke into a lot of pieces.. It was awful and she was in tears. Her distress over the broken radio touched me and I knew this was God’s way of answering my prayers. She asked if she could listen to mine, and I told her to kiss my ass.

Thank you for that opportunity.




• Wedded Bliss

#1 Cause





• Mexican Word of the Day


… “Ol’ Petrol Head” in the U.K. send us the …
• Best. Caption. Ever.
(Look carefully in the grass behind her …)

Best Caption

… “Ol’ Petrol Head” also supplies this week’s …
• Lawyer Joke du Jour


This Week’s Lawyer Joke is Sponsored by the
Law Offices of Dewey, Cheatham and Howe

The City’s largest Charitable Organization realized that it had never received a donation from the city’s most successful lawyer. So a volunteer paid the lawyer a visit in his lavish office.

The volunteer opened the meeting by saying, ‘Our research shows that even though your annual income
is over two million dollars, you don’t give a penny to charity. Wouldn’t you like to give something back to your community?

The lawyer thinks for a minute and says, ‘First, did your research also show you that my mother is dying after a long painful illness, and she has huge medical bills that are far beyond her ability to pay?’

Embarrassed, the rep mumbles, ‘Uh… No, I didn’t know that.’

‘Secondly,’ says the lawyer, ‘did it show that my brother, a disabled Veteran, is blind and confined to a wheelchair and is unable to support his wife and six children?

The stricken rep begins to stammer an apology, but is cut off again.

‘Thirdly, did your research also show you that my sister’s husband died in a dreadful car accident, leaving her penniless with a mortgage and three children, one of whom is disabled and another that has learning disabilities requiring an array of private tutors?’

The humiliated rep, completely beaten, says, ‘I’m so sorry. I had no idea.

So the lawyer says, ‘So, if I didn’t give any money to them, what makes you think I’d give any to you?’

• Blonde Joke du Jour

Blonde winking


A gorgeous young redhead goes into the doctor’s surgery and said that her body hurt where ever she touched it.

‘Impossible!’ says the doctor. ‘Show me.’

The redhead took her finger, pushed on her left shoulder and screamed, then she
pushed her elbow and screamed even more. She pushed her knee and screamed;
likewise she pushed her ankle and screamed. Everywhere she touched made her scream.

The doctor said, ‘You’re not really a redhead, are you?
‘Well, no’ she said, ‘I’m actually a blonde.’
‘I thought so,’ the doctor said. ‘Your finger is broken.’

• Pun du Jour

Hardened Criminal

• Snark du Jour


The above is a natural segue to:

This Week’s Walmartian!


Walmartian-out of this world

• Separated at Birth – Rachel Madcow and Frankenstein


… with that, for this Friday …

That's All


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  1. Thanks however, I just hate it about the kid who has one moment of fun and can never be president. What a bunch of crap! LOL
    I have never seen a better FACTUAL caption, “If she hasn’t, she will soon!”
    Sending the best from Florida!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Loved the book list. Hu Flung Dung also wrote “Spot on the Wall” and my favorite book is “Race to the outhouse” by Willie Makit
    Have a great day

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Bud Sansbury 23/02/2018 — 17:21

    Sorry about the late response. I’m a bit under the weather but I feel a lot better after laughing (and coughing) for the last few minutes. Thanks for the pick me up. Bud

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Len Dufresne 24/02/2018 — 02:25

    The book, “A Guide to Democrat Party Legislation” by Ben Dover and C. Howett Fields

    Liked by 1 person

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