Jerry Mander – Skidde Rowe, CA Edition

Jerry Mander

Tips of the hat today to “B-Squared” for the theme and other items and also to “Len D” for curating more of the images.

Skidde Rowe

News item today: “It is estimated that California is ‘home’ to some 184,000 homeless, 25% of the nation’s total.”

Moonbeam future

Gov. Moonbeam - separated at birth

Trump waving

Stormy Weather

Click to play:

Democrats double standards

(The answer to the above question is “If it weren’t for double, Democrats would have no standards at all”!)

BJ-Jones 850K

MSM whores

Stormy Daniels-income source

Criminal Organization

The Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party





He hopes Trump fails

James Woods-voter ID


Mentally Unstable

Trump waving

More News You Can Use:

Mass deception

MSM-out of proportion


RINOs abandoning ship


Uninstalling Deep State

They don’t make them like they used to:

Tough American


Trump waving

Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures –   Double Espresso Shot Edition

“Has anyone done a public health impact analysis of closing every Starbucks in the nation on the same day in late May? There may well be a panic. Emergency rooms will be filled with people undergoing caffeine withdrawals. Millions of millennials won’t make it to work until 3 pm, instead of 10:30 am as usual. Alternative coffee purveyors will be overwhelmed. It’s going to be ugly. Meanwhile, I expect a quickie Netflix movie, “Oceans [of Coffee] 14,” where a decaffeinated George Looney leads an all-star cast in the simultaneous burglary of every Starbucks outlet in the country. I’m sure James Comey’s FBI will break up the plot.”

Starbucks closure

Click >>HERE<<

Trump waving

FBI-Trump's atty





Because Tax Day was this week, we will close with these two items:

Death and taxes

Tax cut

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