Jerry Mander – Obama Does Netflix Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

A tip of the hat to “B-Squared” for this.

Obama Netflix Deal Sparks Conservative Boycott

Click >>HERE<< for the story.


Top Obama Netflix Shows


• So You Think You Can Keep Your Doctor

• The spy who loved himself

• No country for Anatomic Males

• At Some Point You’ve Made Enough Money… Except For Me.

• Yes We Can-Can

• The Beta Bunch

• You Didn’t Build That: a documentary series. In each episode, Obama instructs individual business owners as to how they did not build their businesses.

• Snakes on a Plane: The Loretta Lynch and Bill Clinton Story

• I Killed Osama Bin Laden: office comedy where incompetent executive is constantly causing disasters and doing illegal things, but always gets let off the hook when he says ‘Remember, I killed Osama Bin Laden!’

• Step Brothers sequel: The Great Rotondo. Plot: A 30-year-old stay-at-home son heroically fights for the tenancy rights of other adult children.

• Shovel Ready: a DIY show about companies that get huge government tax grants and then go bankrupt.

• Take A Bow: a travel show where Obama visits foreign countries and spends hours bowing to anyone in power.

• It’s Always Sunny in Guantanamo Bay

• How I Met Your Mullah

• Guess Who’s Coming to Jail

• Who Wants to Win a Pallet of Cash?

• I Married a Wookie.

• Are You Smarter Than the Ayatollah?

• Bath House Diaries.

• I Spy

• How I Droned Your Mother…& Grandmother.

• Fast & Furious: Narcos

• Misery…loves company.

• Epstein’s Island (co-starring BJ Clinton)

• Barry and Michael: The Early Years

• Happy Gays Are Here Again

• Honey, I Shrunk the Middle Class

• An Idiot Abroad

• 13 Treasons Why

• Some like it acid washed

• The Birth of a Police State.

• Barry and the Legion of Choom

• Pretty Little Lies

• The Amazing Race Card (with Al Sharpton & Jesse Jackson)

• And She Still Couldn’t Win!

• How the Middle East Was not Won

• It’s America’s Fault

• Cooking the Family Dog.

• Tiny Dancer: The Rahm Emanuel Story, starring Peter Dinklage.

• Dont Trust the B at 1600 P

• Jeremiah Wright’s “White Devil” lecture series.

• Dealing Real Estate with Tony Rezko

• Dude, where’’s Hillary’s e-mail server?

• Eternal Sunshine of the Keystone Pipeline

• The Blunder Years

• Saving Private Servers

• 13 Reasons Why I Became A Marxist

• Obama the Economic Growth Slayer

• The Voting Dead

• You’ve got Mail (and I’m reading it)

• A Series of Unfortunate Scams

• The Big Bong Theory

• Suddenly Susan Rice

• Un-American Horror Story


And now, in closing:

Big Brother Obama is watching you


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  1. Okay, so I did smile……. Ok I laughed but only because it is too true and so far the left hasn’t laughed, and I cannot figure why???
    Amazing the ‘innocent’ victims of all this drama……….. the USA!

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  2. Bud Sansbury 31/05/2018 — 07:26

    So sad, the damage that has been done. At our age, jack and I will not see recovery from their efforts to destroy our freedoms that we have always held dear. The Mean Scream Media is successful in feeding this monster and it will grow until we get people to realize that failure to vote in ALL elections becomes a vote for the other side.

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