Jerry Mander – Trump Trumps the G7 Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance


The Lunatic Left is having a field day with this photo released by Haus Frau Merkel’s office. The Leftoids are thinking Haus Frau Merkel is chewing President Trump up. Those who think so never read The Art of the Deal.

Trump-G7-Art of the Deal

Not only that, but moments later, in a photo the Left Stream Media doesn’t want you to see, it appears that die Haus Frau is picking a booger out of her nose:

Trump-Merkel-picking her nose

… and, people are wondering if Panty Waist Trudeau wears false eyebrows and is losing them:


At the G7 meeting, Trump stood up for American workers, something none of the 4 presidents before him would do. Don Surber has a fine summary of Trump’s game plan >>HERE<<. So to brighten your Monday, “Jerry Mander” has assembled this collage of photos of the G-7, assisted by “Slice” and “Chris-to-Fear”. Steven Hayward, never one to miss an opportunity for fun, has his own collection of photos from the G7 Summit.

The Last Covfefe


Trump-g7-bank vault



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