Jerry Mander: Nancy P. Lousy’s Greatest Hits

Jerry Mander
The Counter-Resistance

Hat tips today to “B-Squared”, “Dr. Mc” and “Lark Regal ’62”

Nancy P. Lousy’s Greatest Hits

You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up

Nancy P. Lousy-wall-violates-illegals

Trump-Nancy P.Lousy-tax cuts

Nancy P. Lousy-economy

Nancy P. Lousy-law breakers

Nancy P. Lousy-natural gas

Nancy P. Lousy-Great Depression

Trump waving

What REALLY Happened at the G-7 Summit:


“Look, Mrs. Merkel, I don’t know who you think you’re dealing with, but I’m telling you this borderless global world order garbage you’re trying to sell me is a non-starter. That’s just not happening. And you’re trying to get America to fund it, too. Did George Soros tell you you could do that? That’s rich. Well, we’re not falling for it. You thought maybe you could roll me like Obama got rolled? Yeah, right. Just ask the Iranians, they had him over a barrel saying thank you as the mullahs pantsed him and poked him one after the other. He was a disgrace, a complete disgrace, and America is better off with him out of the picture. Oh, and the little runt spied on my campaign, you know that? I’ll bet you didn’t. Well, it’s true. Anyway, from now on, I’m looking after America’s interests first, and by America’s interests, I don’t mean the interests of the GOPe donor class and their cronies in the Chamber of Commerce. So I won’t be signing on to any bad trade deals that do nothing but increase our unemployment and debt while you euro-commies reap the benefits. America is not the world’s piggy bank. Those days are over. Bill Kristol is going to have to pay full price for his pool boy. No, don’t listen to him, he’s an idiot, a complete moron who is still living off of his daddy. So you can talk to the ‘Stache here. He’s a helluva guy. You may not like John, but you know something? He doesn’t like you, either. I didn’t bring him here to win a popularity contest. Come to think of it, John probably doesn’t like me very much either. But we both of us love America, and that’s what counts.”


Trump-G-7_U.S. Pays



• The Inspector General’s Report:




• Trump & Fat Little Rocket Man

Trump-Rocketman-Greatest Hits



Trump-Kim summit



• Separated at Birth: Rod Rosenstein & Heinrich Himmler

This is really spooky given Rosenstein’s ethnicity …

Separated at Birth-Rosenstein-Himmler


Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures –  Aftermath Edition

“Trump has effectively declared that the recently concluded summit with mini-Kim, the Mini-Me of Communist dictators (better known as “Little Rocket Man”), delivered “peace in our time,” which is what you’d expect from someone who embraces “America First” unironically or without any sense of historical awareness. Or maybe he’s just trolling everyone on every side of the scene? Never a dull moment with the Trump Show. Well, if the Nork talks don’t work out, we can send Robert DeNiro next time. He’s a tough guy.”


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Trump waving






Clinton Crime Family Foundation


Hitlery-Make America-S.hole


Hitlery's accomplishment

… which brings us to …

Criminal Organization



And now, in closing:

Bonhöffer on stupidity


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