Jerry Mander – Crossing The Line

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

The Left has crossed the line. Conservatives are belatedly awakening to the fact that it’s time to start pushing back. From an Antifa radical in Berkeley clocking an elderly Conservative in the head with a bike lock to a radical leftist restaurant owner and her equally radical staff forcing Sarah Sanders to leave the restaurant – and then following Sanders, her husband and the others in her party to another restaurant and harassing them there – to Peter Fonda calling for Barron Trump to be raped by pædophiles – the Left has gone too far. It’s pushback time. The Left doesn’t play nice. It’s pushback time. The Left doesn’t play by the rules. We either push back or get run over. It’s pushback time. Increasingly, we are realizing this and – belatedly – are beginning to react. Examples  –  click to read:

When Do We Get To The Last Straw?

Do Not Look Away – Cold Anger

Thoughts On The Road – The Pendulum Swings

Democrat Threatens to Murder Congressman’s Children

She Should Have Asked Them to Bake Her A Cake

The Line

Our pushback begins with telling McConnell and Ryan to get behind the President:



… and while you are at it, keep this in mind:

Public Service announcement

Lemonade-Trump's cabinet

Red Hen Menu

Red Hen owners

Resistance RestaurantLibrul equality




Maxine-Trump's popularity





• Separated at Birth – Sea Kelp, Seek Help Edition

(Hat tip: “Len D.”)



… and that segues to this …

• Important Scientific Discovery:


• And now a word from Al Scamton:

… which brings us to …

• The True, Un-redacted History of the Democrat Party:


• Meanwhile, down at the border …

'rat crimes - border

BordersMedia interest in border crisis

Separated children-Obama vs Trump

Travel Ban - James Woods

Time Cover-Branco

Time-get the picture

Separated from Children-Clinton-RenoSeparated from Parents


• More News You Can Use:




Term Limits - solution

Media reality

Fake news


Tariffs-then and nowLabor-first amendment


Leftist - Islamist

… which brings us to …

• Headline Juxtaposition of the Week

(As found at PJ Media)

Mosque vandalized with Bacon

• Mitch “Turtle” McConnell makes a belated stab at getting his RINOs in line:

McConnell takes a stab


Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – SCOTUS Smackdown Edition

“Have liberals ever had a worse week than this (since November 8, 2016 that is)? Get ready for the mother of all freakouts by the left as the Senate moves to hold hearings and confirm a successor to Justice Kennedy. I predict that there will be several attempted disruptions and protests at the hearings of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Second, I predict that Democrats will demand over and over again that the prospective justice declare him or herself directly on the question of abortion and Roe v. Wade, and will declare it unacceptable to defer judgment as any prospective jurist should. This will not help Democrats in November. Third, since the filibuster for judicial nominees is gone, I predict Senate Democrats might boycott the final Senate confirmation vote, or, failing that (since I believe the Senate’s sergeant-at-arms can compel attendence of senators), Dems might abstain as a kind of protest device. Fourth and finally, I think “Borking” could only work once. But the left will try it anyway, and it will backfire badly.”

SCOTUS rulings

Click >>HERE<<

… speaking of the SCOTUS:

Obama-Supreme Court

Supreme Court-code redSupreme Court-ComeySupreme Court-tilt

Supreme court-travel ban

Supreme Court-Unions

… And now, in closing:



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