Gear Head Tuesday – Speaking of Police Cars …

Gear Head

FIAT 500-Carabiniere

We recently featured “Michael C.’s” ’64 Studebaker Marshal police car and followed up last week with this (Scroll down).

So, “Packard Truck Dave” sent this about a 1966 FIAT 500 Carabinieri:

“I have a Fiat 600 ‘clone’, a Yugoslavian made 1979 ‘Zastava 750’, so I know … My friend Jim V. wrote:

The story has it that Italian police departments in small villages & hamlets used these to pursue Messerschmidt 250’s, Goggomobile 200’s, Vespa 400’s, all mopeds plus the occasional errant bicyclist. Whitewall tyres were fitted to distinguish it from the more ‘mundane’ 500’s! They were quite effective. With the lights & siren on and the accelerator “floored”, they’d almost reach 60 mph! (Smile)

This mini-cop car was featured at Bring a Trailer and sold on the BaT auction on 2 July 18 for $12,500 after 39 bids. A cop car with a sunroof! Whowuda thunk it?!?!

In a related vein, Mac’s Motor City Garage published this pocket history of the FIAT Topolino, the pre-war version of the 500.


Powered by a 500 cc 2 cylinder engine, the FIAT 500 Carabinieri was adequate for police use in small Italian towns.



FIAT interior

FIAT-roof open

A cop car with a sun roof!


Schindler-family car 1928

Oskar Schindler was a Gear Head!

We know of Oskar Schindler and his work to save the lives of Jews during World War II in Nazi Germany largely because of the film “Schindler’s List”. What we didn’t know that he was a “Gear Head”. This article – written in 1955 – and recently published at Vintagenvia Hemmings informs us that Oskar Schindler raced motorcycles. Read the article for a new look at Schindler.

Schindler's 1924 motorcycle


The old gas station photos series as posted at Curbside Classic continues: today we have another Humble station, this one in Texas with a ’58 Chevy wagon at the pumps.

Humble station-'58 Chevy wagon


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  1. C.S. Marshall 03/07/2018 — 11:20

    I like. It’s the perfect tool to use when chasing a pack of Austin Mini’s in a movie.

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  2. Another interesting story. I like this little dude favors the Isetta except the doors hahaha.

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