Gear Head Tuesday – Packard Truck Dave Reports From Gettysburg

Gear Head

Hi All:

On June 30th I had the Packard in Gettysburg @ the Heritage Center as part of their ‘Living Encampments’ on their front lawn. It was hot but we were able to locate the Packard under shade trees the night before. (pictures)

The Packard is scheduled to be at three awesome antique vehicle venues…….

On August 4 (Saturday) I have the 1918 Packard entered for ‘Das Awk Fescht’ at Macungie Park – a monster car meet (leave it to me to bring a truck to a car meet!).

Packard is the featured vehicle and the Keystone Region of the Packard Club who has a large tent and display area set up for just Packard vehicles. Although the Meet is Friday, August 3rd, Saturday, August 4th and Sunday August 5th, we will not be going up to Macungie until early Saturday morning hauling the Packard up. I’ll drive separately my car. As big as Macungie was with trucks, it is that much bigger @ ‘Das Awk Fescht’ (translated means ‘The August Festival’. My buddy Zack will borrow a truck from his employer. Saturday afternoon he’ll go home empty – the Packard will be staying at Macungie overnight then Sunday after the show is over the Packard Club will have it hauled to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles on Sunday – 14 miles from Macungie. Saturday night I will stay with my cousin in Quakertown.

Here is the website for: ‘Das Awk Fescht

Then Sunday the 6th of August after ‘Das Awk Fescht’ is over, the Packard will hauled by John Haines owner of Haines & Kibblehouse Contractors to the Boyertown Museum of Historic Vehicles where the Packard will reside for the month of August until the morning of September 1st.

On September 1st the Packard will roll out of the Boyertown Museum and be driven by me to the nearby Boyertown Community Park just a couple blocks away from where it will be on display for the day.

So that is the schedule, crazy eh? Should go smooth – I hope………



I wrote to Dave: “I bet those Packard trucks are a beast to drive.”

His response: “The Packard trucks handle well – until you have to move them. Typically I tell folks “We guarantee a fresh set of hemorrhoids with every trip…” and “This truck goes so fast that the bugs typically slam into the back of the trucks as the bugs are trying to pass!” & “I once got passed by a snail. What was hard to believe was that the snail was dead!”

You can always believe a truck driver except when his lips are moving….


Packard truck from side set up


“B-Squared” provides these neat photos (via The Old Motor) of the Billups gas stations in New Orleans, Louisiana:

Fillup with Billups2

Above: 1951 Packard 300 in the foreground.

Fillup with Billups1

Fillup with Billups3


And now, in closing:


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