Jerry Mander – Millions Will Die Edition!

Jerry Mander

• Millions Will Die!

The ‘rats say this – but are OK with millions of babies dying in abortions, proving once again that if it weren’t for double, the Democrats would have no standards at all.

Millions will die

Democrats-Millions Will Die

… speaking of Democrats and death:


• Democrats in Action!

Lady liberty-Democrat

• Just when you think the Democrats couldn’t elect a worse Senator than Barbara Box-O-Rocks, she retires and is replaced by Kamala Harris. Examples >>HERE<< and >>HERE<<. 

Kamala Harris-identity politicsKamala Harris-Willie Brown

James Woods-Kamala Harris

James Woods moves in for the kill shot >>HERE<< – don’t miss it!

Next up:


Watch smug, arrogant Swamp Critter Peter Strzok at his Congressional Hearing. YJCMTSU! (Click to play)

James Woods drops the hammer on Strzok hard enough that Old Hitlery felt it!

Here’s Don Surber’s take on Strzok.



Teach a man to fish

Mueller time





• Mad Maxine – The Pride of the Democrats!

Maxine mirror

Maxine-no brain

• Separated at Birth

Separated at Birth-Sessions-Granny


Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Freakout Turned to 11 Edition

“Want a good measure at how total is Trump’s humiliation of the Democrats? Consider this: he’s got them borking mad by nominating a guy named “Brett” to the Supreme Court, and the party that brought us Pajama Boy and the Life of Julia is making fun of his first name, calling him a “frat boy” and comparing his name to a waiter in an LA bistro. Also arching their eyebrows that he’s not as rich as a Podesta even though he lives inside the Beltway. If that’s all they’ve got, it’s going to be a quick confirmation. Meanwhile, did you see the Clintons are back in the news this week? Hmmm. . . I think someone is running again in 2020.”


Click >>HERE<<

Winnie:Union Jack

• The Weekly Winston

(With apologies to Steven Hayward who used to do a “Weekly Winston” – though more substantive – at Power Line.)



SCOTUS-Kavanaugh-PayneScotus-Kavanaugh melt down

Trump waving



And now, in closing:



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  1. Another hit out of the ballpark!!

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  2. I especially liked the Refugees from the past and present and NATO splitting the check!!!

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