Jerry Mander – Register to Vote Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

News item: San Francisco Begins Registering Illegal Aliens to Vote

Russians vote in SF

Real Collusion

Obama-looking at Russians

Indicting 12 Russians


Nancy P.Lousy_MS-13


Democrat supporters

San Quentin

12 out of 10 Democrats


Librul Palestinians

Librul values


• Fauxchahontas Speaks:


Educating Libruls

democratic socialism

• Civics class:

Civics 101-then and now

• I would have given the kid an “A”:

Book report on JFK

• And now, in closing – just for “GP”, whose blog always shows instructions for the proper folding of the American flag:

Folding UN flag




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  1. That kid only wrote the truth in his essay – so why the F?

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  2. The “quote du jour” is correct. Ten Dummycrats vote, but twelve is counted.


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  3. I liked the San Quentin Picture! RIGHT ON! You done good again!

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