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Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

Steven Hayward is one of the four writers at Power Line. We link to his Week In Pictures each Saturday. He is currently serving a sentence as Senior Resident Scholar at the Institute of Governmental Studies at the University of California, Berserkeley – but seems to be surviving. He is the author of The Age of Reagan, Greatness – Reagan, Churchill and the Making of Extraordinary Leaders, Patriotism Is Not Enough and Churchill on Leadership: Executive Success in the Face of Adversity. Steven used to post a “Weekly Winston” at Power Line. We are making a stumbling attempt to pick up where Steven left off – but today, we invite you to invest an hour in a very informative discussion between Steven and Bill Kristol about Churchill as Steven posted at Power Line on Sunday:

Winnie:Union Jack

Now, we return to Polly Tics as Usual:

Today’s contributors: “Joe P.” and “Lark Regal ’62”

Polly Ticks

Hillary 'lost' $6 billion


Russia did it



Hitlery-shower curtainHitlery-WWIB-BBB

Trump waving

Trump Pro-oxygen


Trump-4.1 vs BHO 3Trump GDP

And now, in closing:

Mattis-tactical baptism


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  1. I think the table wins hands-down in the blue print pattern.

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  2. Love it all but the Stonewall Jackson quote does it best! AND the difference in 4.1% and 1.4% That is for dang sure!

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