Jerry Mander – CNN Hair On Fire Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance


White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders responds to Hair On Fire CNN snark Jim Acosta’s “Is the press an enemy of the people?” (Click to play):

Hair on fire

Sara Sanders-Acosta

WHOA NELLY! James Woods DRAGS Jim Acosta like he’s never been DRAGGED before and LOL:

James Woods-Jim Acosta

BOOM went the dynamite!
Enema of the people … is that a typo? We’re going to guess it’s not.

DAMN son! David Shuster SCHOOLS Jim Acosta on the job of a true journo and you KNOW it left a mark: >>HERE<<







Last Straw

Question: What are you Leftists going to do about this?

Obama straw


Undercover straw

Juice box

Sip 'r eyes strawThug life straw


… Which brings us to …

Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – The Last Straw Man Edition

“The Democrats’ ban on plastic straws is the gift that keeps on giving GIFs—or at least memes. I can’t decide whether it was Nietzsche or T.S. Eliot who got it wrong. If Nietzsche were with us today, he’d surely issue a correction—”No, I said the last straw man!” And Eliot would have to re-write “The Hollow Men.” Even though the title is perfect for modern liberals, the lines need revision: “We are the hollow [liberal] men [optional gender ID here]/We are the stuffed men [optional gender ID here]/Leaning together/Headpiece filled with [plastic] straw[s]/Our dried [Pelosi] voices/When we whisper [shout] together/Are [not] quiet [but certainly] meaningless/That’s for darn sure.”

Straw Man
Click >>HERE<<


Straw woman


Trump waving





… And now, in closing:

Trump derangement Syndrome


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  1. CNN is a joke.
    Sarah Sanders is better than everyone.

    cheers, parsnip and badger

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