Jerry Mander – Spin the Democrat Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

Spin the Democrat

Criminal Organization

Democrats-grasping at straws

Democrat Slogan

Nancy P. Lousy - old crazy

… which brings us to:


… which naturally brings us to Mad Maxine:

Mad Maxine-illegal-SCOTUS



DiFi spy

Driving Miss Feinstein

• And your point is ?


• For the Democrats, insanity is a feature, not a bug:


Food stamps-iPhones-oppressionjpg

Democrats-shut down

Democrats-Rope and Chains


• Earliest known photo of Ginsburg on the SCOTUS:


… next up …




Crazifornia cake

California State Bird




Action board

Support Elizabeth Heng for Congress

This is a very winnable seat for our side. Please send Elizabeth a contribution of any size. We can’t complain if we fail to retain the Congress if we don’t support solid candidates like Elizabeth Heng.

Elizabeth Heng

The daughter of Cambodian refugees, Elizabeth Heng is running for Congress as a Republican in California’s 16th Congressional District. Were she a Leftist, she would be a media darling. But because she has committed the double sin of being both a bonafide Conservative and a Republican, Facebook has banned her video (reinstated after public protests) showing how her parents fled the killing fields of the Communists in Cambodia to start a new life in the U.S. Now 33 years old, she was an honors graduate of her high school in Fresno and the first from her school to go to Stanford University. After graduating from Stanford, she went on to Yale for her Masters Degree. Finishing Yale, she then worked on the staff of GOP Congressman Ed Royce.

Heng has the support of esteemed historian, classicist and farmer Victor Davis Hanson who lives in the District. The crew at Power Line has jumped in asking readers to support her campaign. We ask you, too, to support her. Please send her campaign a donation of any size. She has a better than even shot at taking this Congressional seat from the Democrats. This race has national implications and it is also an important step in restoring sanity to the Democrat-controlled craziness that is modern California. Please watch this four minute video that tells her story. This is the video Facebook banned (Click to play):

Facebook, Twitter & Apple are working together to censor Conservatives. We must fight back. Support Elizabeth Heng for Congress – and cancel your Facebook accounts. I sent Elizabeth Heng a contribution. I cancelled my Facebook account five years ago.


• More News You Can Use:


Hitlery-prison-white house

Stupid Libruls

NY Slimes Editorial Board

Mass shooting statistics

Mueller-circlesTrump-political dog show


Antifa-catching fascist


Music notes

“Chicago, Chicago, it’s my kind of town” 




Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Space Force Edition

“The formal announcement of our new Space Force was definitely the highlight of the week. And having Vice President Race Bannon Mike Pence make the announcement was the perfect touch. I’m guessing this is Trump’s version of Reagan’s Strategic Defense Initiative, which drove liberals and the Soviet Communists out of their mind. (Funny how liberals and Communists were both upset by SDI. I’m sure it was pure coincidence.) Liberals blundered by calling it “Star Wars.” Yeah—great idea: attack something with the most popular movie franchise tag in history. How long until Trump says, “May the Space Force be with you!” George Lucas will have an aneurysm. (P.S. Space ships use lots of plastic straws.)”

Trump-Space Force

Click >>HERE<<


A Blue Wave’s a coming!

Blue wave-spin

Democrats-Blue Wave-tree


And now, in closing:

Che - t-shirts


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  1. Factual graphics. I like it. Especially Mueller chasing infinity and the dog his tail.
    this is a wild world at present!

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