Jerry Mander – The Clock Strzock Twelve Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-ResistanceStrzok-Faces-Of-Evil

The Clock Strzock Twelve

The question is “Why did it take FBI Director Wray so long to fire Strzock?”



Strzock-Go Fund Me



Criminal Organization

“No I.C.E. & no straws”

No Ice-No straws

Rats - straws vs. Trump

Librul straw





Capitalism vs. socialism





CNN-Russian story


Vote fraud


Rats costumes




About that “Blue Wave” …

Rats blue wave-P.Lousy

Blue wave-rats-Ramirez

Blue wave-P. Lousy-anchor


Rats vs. Freedom


… Speaking of using your power:

Action board

Support Elizabeth Heng for Congress

This is a very winnable seat for our side. Please send Elizabeth a contribution of any size. We can’t complain if we fail to retain the Congress if we don’t support solid candidates like Elizabeth Heng.

Second Social Media Giant Has Blocked
Elizabeth Heng’s Video

Gateway Pundit reports that Twitter has now blocked Elizabeth Heng’s video.

Fight back! Send a contribution to her campaign!

Elizabeth Heng

The daughter of Cambodian refugees, Elizabeth Heng is running for Congress as a Republican in California’s 16th Congressional District. Were she a Leftist, she would be a media darling. But because she has committed the double sin of being both a bonafide Conservative and a Republican, Facebook has banned her video (reinstated after public protests) showing how her parents fled the killing fields of the Communists in Cambodia to start a new life in the U.S. Now 33 years old, she was an honors graduate of her high school in Fresno and the first from her school to go to Stanford University. After graduating from Stanford, she went on to Yale for her Masters Degree. Finishing Yale, she then worked on the staff of GOP Congressman Ed Royce.

Heng has the support of esteemed historian, classicist and farmer Victor Davis Hanson who lives in the District. The crew at Power Line has jumped in asking readers to support her campaign. We ask you, too, to support her. Please send her campaign a donation of any size. She has a better than even shot at taking this Congressional seat from the Democrats. This race has national implications and it is also an important step in restoring sanity to the Democrat-controlled craziness that is modern California. Please watch this four minute video that tells her story. This is the video Facebook banned (Click to play):

Facebook, Twitter & Apple are working together to censor Conservatives. We must fight back. Support Elizabeth Heng for Congress – and cancel your Facebook accounts. I’ve now sent Elizabeth Heng three contributions. I cancelled both my Facebook and Twitter accounts five years ago. Stand up for our side! Don’t support the Enemedia; support Elizabeth Heng!


Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Omnibus Funhouse Edition!

“This was one of those weeks that defies an obvious theme. The “independent” media beclowns itself—again—and the “white supremacists” turned out a massive crowd of . . . 30 people . . . in Washington, while what really captivated the nation was a stolen airplane. I don’t like to make light of an obviously troubled person who committed (a non-terrorist) suicide with an airplane, but there was something almost endearing about that poor fellow’s spectacular end. I thought he was tying to link up with D.B. Cooper. It’s as though someone did a quadruple gainer off the Golden Gate Bridge. Meanwhile, Trump. . . something something. . . Trump. Because Trump. Who gave Brennan a Strzok or something. Meanwhile, the Space Force keeps chugging along. Settle in with your best bendy straw—if you still have any.”

CNN-No blacks

Click >>HERE<<


More News You Can Use:


Black Murder


look for what you're NOT being told




muslim-compound-leader-new-mexicoOmarosa ethics





The last straw:

Straw paper or plastic




Winnie:Union Jack

Weekly Winston



And now, in closing:

Trump Security Clearance




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  1. I liked it all, and I remember the Hey Obama and the Assange/Zuckerberg things. The whole thing is Spot On!
    Good on you!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kenneth Felton 18/08/2018 — 21:37

    Much needed levity. The 24/7 attacks on Trump are mind-numbing.

    Liked by 1 person

    • I’m glad you liked that, Kenneth. Yes, the 24/7 attacks on Trump are wearisome. The worst of it is how much of it comes from the putative Republicans in the Congress. Mitch McConnell is playing a very passive-aggressive game in slow walking Trump’s agenda through the Senate. I wish Mike Lee and Ted Cruz would instigate an overthrow of McConnell – but too many on the GOP side of the Permanent Bi-Partisan Fusion Party lack the spine to bring it off. As much as I dislike Schmuck Schumer, I dislike McConnell to a power of 10 more because he’s such a deceptive snake. At least with Schmuck, you know what you’re going to get up front, as despicable as that may be …


  3. Leonard Dufresne 19/08/2018 — 09:33

    Thanks for reminding everyone about our jackass governor. I’m sure all the patriots who died for this country will enjoy watching Cuomo descend into the infernal regions when his time comes.

    Liked by 1 person

    • … hee hee … Calling Cuomo a jackass is an insult to all the other jackasses out there! What a piece of work! He’s even more obnoxious than Governor Moonbeam out here on the Left Coast – and that’s saying something!


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