Jerry Mander – White House Press Briefing

Jerry Mander

Bad Lip Reading: White House Press Briefing

What Sarah Sanders REALLY thinks of the presstitutes!

Hat tip: Steven Hayward

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Speaking of the Presstitutes:

Media Cred-RIP

CNN - Covering for Lanny Davis

CNN dog ate my homework


… Moving now from the Presstitutes to anti-Social media:


Google-files not found

Google bias

Readers – stop using Google as your search engine. Instead, use Duck Duck Go. Unlike Google, Duck Duck Go doesn’t track you and sell your data. Cancel your G-mail accounts. Cancel your Facebook and Twitter accounts. Power Line just quit using Facebook for their Comments engine. Fight back against the Leftists that dominate these companies.


In-n-Out Is What It’s All About!

A call for Conservatives to Double Down on a Double Double!

In-n-Out logo

In-n-Out Burger is the wildly successful family-owned burger chain founded in 1948 in Baldwin Park, CA. The company has expanded beyond California into Oregon, Nevada, Utah, Arizona and Texas.

Their burgers are made with fresh, not frozen, beef and their french fries are cut in-house throughout the day. While the “official” menu is very limited, there is also their (not so) “secret” menu.

The family owners don’t shout about their Christianity, but they do put Bible verse citations on the bottom of the drink cups.


Why are we writing about In-n-Out here? Because In-n-Out is now officially politically incorrect! The company has been outed for (SHREEK! HORRORS!) donating to the California Republican Party! Outraged Leftists (aren’t Leftists ALWAYS outraged?) are calling for a boycott of In-n-Out just like they called for a boycott of Chick-fil-A a few years back. If you have an In-n-Out in your area, go treat yourself to a Double Double with grilled onions! Double down on that Double Double!

Double Double

Cam Edwards has a good suggestion for California Democrats:

Hammer & Pickle


The Religion of Peace:


London-murdered by immigration

Jihadist compound


Criminal Organization

Trump Economy

Nancy P. Lousy-vampire

Mollie Tibbetts

politic-mollie tibbits


Democrats solve a problem

… Speaking of criminals:




More News You Can Use:

Mueller-new-planQuestions for Mueller

Up S--- Creek



Pope Thurible


Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Burning Man Edition

“Now I am just sure that the Power Line readership overlaps considerably with the clientele for the Burning Man festival, which is under way right now. (I understand that the “man” is going to be burned tonight, unless a Title IX action is brought first.) Okay, just kidding. From all I can gather about Burning Man, I think I’d rather be stuck with Dan Rather in a broken elevator. These days, if you say “burning man” in Washington, people will assume you mean Donald Trump and his latest tweet about the Muller investigation.”

Burning Man

Click >>HERE<<


Trump waving

Trump Cures Cancer

Congress-Sexual Harrassment claims

Trump protestor plow

Trump eats bacon


Winnie:Union Jack

Weekly Winston


… And now, in closing:


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