Friday Funnies – Pumpkin Spice, the Movie!

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Last Friday’s Pumpkin Spice issue was quite popular, so here’s a sequel.
First up, “B-Squared” found
Pumpkin Spice -The Movie.
Be afraid! Be very afraid!
Click to play:

… More Pumpkin Spice madness … (Hat tip: “Alden”)

Pumpkin Pie Pop TartsPumpkin Spice Kit-KatsPumpkin Spice PNBPumpkin Pie SodaPumpkin Spice rum

… looking toward Halloween:


• At “Dr. Mc’s” Clinic:




X-ray technician

… moving now to the Pharmacy next to “Dr. Mc’s” Clinic:

My Pharmacist-doesn't like me


• More News You Can Use:

Things aren't what they seem


Lost Puppy

• A Product of Common Core Math:

Common Core Coke

• YJCMTSU – The Heavy Hand of Government Edition:



… which segues to …

• Curious Ad Juxtaposition, All-Time Grand Champion




• The Greatest Name Ever:

Greatest Name Ever



Why Women Live Longer-windex

• Wedded Bliss

Marriage Is an Institution

Wedded bliss - run for your life

Wedded Bliss-Cleaning-no argument

• Blonde Joke du Jour

Blonde winking

Ms. Anne O’Dyne – The Official Blonde of the Friday Funnies 

A blonde applied for a police job, and was being interviewed by the Police Chief.

He showed her a mug shot on screen for 10 seconds, then asked her to describe the suspect.

She said, “He has only one eye, one ear and he uses contacts/”

The Chief shook his head and said “lady that was a side view of his face, so how can you say he has only one eye and one ear, but you are right he does wear contacts, so how did you figure that out”?

The blonde said “Duh! That was easy! With only one ear how is he supposed to wear glasses”?

• This Week’s Groaners

(Curated for us by “B-Squared”)


Another planet

• Meanwhile, In Floriduh …



And now, in closing:

Right to your opinion

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