Jerry Mander – Life Is Good Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

Trump-life is good

Republican Club

 Note that President Trump is drinking a Diet Coke.


Criminal Organization

Meanwhile, at the Criminal Organization Masquerading As A Political Party:

'Rats-Hitlery-Fightin' Dems


'Rats-Hitlery-Lady McBeth

'Rats-Hitlery-Mob Rule


'Rats-Holder-Kick 'em


'Rats-Lady Liberty-silenced



'Rats-Schmuck-guilty until proven innocent

Obama-illegal campaign donations

Nancy P. Lousy-crazy




'Rats-Mueller probe-Zhivago

'Rats-Prog Mob pulls down statue

'Rats-Supreme court demonstator


Clinton News Network:

CNN-Don Lemon-Kanye

CNN-Fake News Lifestyle



Socialists-my money


Winnie:Union JackWeekly Winston

Click to play (4 min.):

Please note the comment implying that the failure of the British at Gallipoli was Churchill’s fault is not accurate. Churchill is often blamed for this costly-in-lives fiasco but this is an unfair-to-Churchill oversimplification. Much of the fault lies with Admiral Sir Jackie Fisher and other weak-willed officers in the  British high command. Further fault lies with some of the commanders of Royal Navy ships in the action at Gallipoli. Gallipoli was a gambit that could and should have been won by the British. 

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