Jerry Mander – Blue Wave Edition

Jerry Mander

The Counter-Resistance

Hat tips today to “Lark Regal ’62”  & “B-Squared” for many of the images.

Blue Wave

… and that segues directly to …

Criminal Organization


'Rats border security plan

Obama leading from behindPutin-Bolton-'Rats

Hitlery-2020-'Rats-Lock 'er up

Hitlery on the stair




'Rats-Trump's a threat

'Rats are biggest threat to America


Destroy a Nation

'Rats-Russian spies

'Rats-attack America

'Rat or American



Letter bomb - incivility

… which brings us to …Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – Fizzle Edition

“I don’t know what to make of the mail bombs delivered this week. As of deadline for Week in Pictures (earlyFriday afternoon), there a suspect in custody, likely a wacko. A deranged Trump fan? The bombs-that-weren’t-bombs (apparently—reports still conflict about this) were so obviously amateurish that it is hard to rule out the possibility that it is the product of a prankster who just wanted to see how crazy he could make everybody. These bombs were to explosive intimidation what the Vatican’s Swiss guard uniforms are to martial intimidation. (I have always figured the Swiss guards in Rome operate on the theory that any would-be infiltrators would double over in laughter first.) Meanwhile, we have some advance intelligence on next week’s bombs:”

Letterbomb from Mean Republicans

Click >>HERE<<


MAGA - writing on the wall

GOP invasion

The next one is especially true for me because I was a “Never Trumper” until I walked into the voting booth!

Russia didn't make me vote for Trump

… And now, in closing:

Get out and vote

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  1. We have already cast our votes, I hope many MILLIONS of GOP’ers do the same. I would hope some Democrats even wake up!

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