Gear Head Tuesday – Packard Truck Dave Attends the Hershey Gear Head Gathering

Gear Head


“Packard Truck Dave” participated in the annual Hershey, PA gathering of Gear Heads and supplied us with these photos:

1919 PTO Meet

Above: 1919 Packard Truck

1920 & 1919 in the field

1919 & 1920 in the field at Hershey

Army truck from jae

The “Packards for Pershing” truck (above & below) 

Army Truck from Mal

Packard Trucks


Engineering Breakthrough!
Chrysler’s Lunar Wayneshaft Turbo Encabulator


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  1. There is something about the OLD vehicles. Funny thing though, I never knew Packard made a truck when I was growing up.

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  2. Unkle Jerry 30/10/2018 — 07:24

    That whole Chrysler video verily sounds like talk coming from Washington DC!!!!
    Unkle Jerry

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