Jerry Mander – The Democrat’s Agenda

Jerry Mander
The Counter-Resistance

“Dr. Mc” supplies us with this video that summarizes the Democrat’s agenda and why we need to turn out and vote to retain and increase the Republican majorities in the House and Senate. The video is deadly satire of what the Democrats have become. Click to play:

'Rats-100% chance


'Rats-impeachment agenda


'Rats-Ben & Jerry


Stacey Abrams IRS


Hitlery-blacks all look alike


Winnie:Union Jack
Weekly Winston

“Winston is back!”


And now, in closing: Get out and vote!



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  1. Tomorrow we will find out how successful all this crap has been. Lot happened in the last few weeks to try to throw a monkey wrench in the works. Monkey not meaning ANYTHING but a wrench dang it! All monkey wrenches look alike, or did before the new wrenches started imitating them.
    Good read and right on.

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