Jerry Mander – Election Day Special

Jerry Mander
The Counter-Resistance

Hat tips today to “Slice” and “B-Squared” for much of the content.

Trump vs. Fake News
(53 seconds – click to play)



Make America a S-Hole-vote 4 'rats'Rats-standing up for illegals

He's not my president

Crazy 'rats


Make MadCow Cry

Red wave vs blue tears

Gender Identity

Cowboys and Indians


Soros-D-Day Invasion

George-Soros-CommunistUnemployment line

Vote Red


If we turn out in large enough numbers we offset their cheating: turn out and vote!




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  1. All I can say is today is the day. This is an up or down vote that is for sure.

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  2. I love that lipstick for liberals!! LOL Maybe Santa will leave that in every liberals stockings this year! 🤣


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