Jerry Mander-We Need Action, Jackson Edition!

Jerry Mander
The Counter-Resistance
Action Jackson

We need to take Action, Jackson, to elect Jim Jordan as House Minority Leader to replace failed RINO Paul Ryan and prevent another RINO, Kevin McCarthy, from taking Ryan’s place as Minority Leader. The case can be made (as Rush Limbaugh did in his election post mortem) that Ryan’s failure to support President Trump and advance a Conservative agenda contributed significantly to the GOP losing the House. Support Jim Jordan for House Minority Leader!

Jordan for Leader

From Senate Conservatives:

House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (RINO-CA) is running national radio ads that say he’s “leading the fight” to build the border wall.

But there’s one little problem with this.

Kevin McCarthy has repeatedly worked against funding for Trump’s border wall and it’s only now (when he’s running for GOP leader) that he wants people to think he’s strong on immigration.

McCarthy’s pro-border ads are fake news!

Even when he was asked in an interview this week about passing wall funding in the lame duck session this year, McCarthy refused to pledge to deliver Trump’s border wall.

House Republicans need to elect Jim Jordan as their leader.

Congressman Jim Jordan (R-OH) is a conservative fighter who has consistently stood with President Trump to advance our principles.

He’s the only candidate running for House Minority Leader who will actually fight the Democrats and push back on the Republican leadership in the Senate when they make excuses.

If Republicans truly want to help President Trump deliver on his agenda, they need to elect Jim Jordan.

Action board

Call Republican lawmakers who are critical to deciding this leadership election. These calls are extremely important.

The House switchboard number is 202-224-3121. You can look up GOP Representatives HERE.

These members are not going to get calls from people asking them to support Kevin McCarthy because he has no support among the grassroots. With your help, we can send a message to them that voters want Jim Jordan leading the fight against Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats.

It doesn’t matter if you live in their states. Call them anyway and tell them that it’s time for new Republican leadership in the House and that you want them to support Jim Jordan for Minority Leader.

Also, tell them that Kevin McCarthy can run as many ads as he wants, but he’s been part of the leadership for the past ten years, which has repeatedly failed to deliver for conservatives.

Also, if you have not signed the petition supporting Jim Jordan for Leaders, please do that today.

Sign the petition

Sign >>HERE<<


'Rats just elected

'Rats-impeach Trump

'Rats-House-GOP Senate



Beto burn out

Steven Hayward’s
The Week in Pictures – Election Wrap-Up Edition

“Good news! Only 719 days until the next election! Let the campaigning and media “analysis” begin. (Of course, Campaign 2018 isn’t over until the Democrats finish stealing two Senate seats during the after-party.) Stock up on your Botox now: Nancy’s back! Meanwhile, who is the biggest loser of this cycle—”Beto” (and the donors who forked over $75 million) or Jim Acosta? And how should we complete the joke that begins, “Jim Acosta and Beto O’Rourke walk into a bar. . .”

Nancy P. Lousy is back

Click >>HERE<<

Nancy P. Lousy-Occasional Cortex-crazy

Crazy Libruls

Stilton-'Rat voters

CO2 tax fraud

Republicans Riot

Straight white male

… And now, in closing:



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