Jerry Mander – Mexican WOTD Edition

Jerry Mander
The Counter-Resistance


Acosta-Trump's shoe



Trump vs. CNN


Criminal Organization

Messing with her mind as only Trump can do:

Nancy P. Lousy-speaker-Trump


Nancy P. Lousy-Schmuck-impeach Trump


Nancy P. Lousy-Florida vote count'Rats-vote fraud

'Rats-Broward County

'Rats Blue Wave-FL Fraud

'Rats-blue wave-sore losers


Stalin: socialist-communist w:patience

Nancy P. Lousy-Occasional Cortex-insanity

Hitlery-skeletions in closet


Sharia free zone


Hat tip to “Cuzzin’ Mary”:

Heaven-immigration policy


Meanwhile, in Crazifornia:


CA for beginners


Action board


Support Jim Jordan for House Minority Leader

Jordan is the co-founder of the House Freedom Caucus. He is a genuine Conservative. We must not let RINO Kevin McCarthy become House Minority Leader. McCarthy will continue down RINO Ryan’s path of failure and will sell Conservatives out. Support genuine Conservative Jim Jordan for Leader!

The new leader will be chosen on 14 November.
Act now! Please sign the petition!

Jordan: Beating McCarthy for Majority Leader Will Help GOP Retake House in 2020

Sign >>HERE<<

House Freedom Caucus


Winnie:Union Jack
Weekly Winston

“Now we are the masters of our fate.”

… And now, in closing:

Trump-list-deported by ICE


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  1. Lost my comment somewhere. Probably in that California for beginners. Liked the bacon idea. AND THEN just when I thought no one could compare to Waters and Pelosi here she is … just like that! CRAP!

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