Friday Funnies – Round Tyres Edition

Friday Funnies jpg

You want to make SURE your next car has round tyres!

Round Tyres

… also, make sure it is fitted with a proper air bag:


• Headlines du Jour:

Literacy program

This headline belongs in the “No $_î† Sherlock” Category:


• Welcome to Floriduh, Baby!

Floriduh-baby oil

• Sounds like a bargain to me:

Free WiFi




• Blonde Joke du Jour

blonde jokes-sm


• Always Give 100%:


• The Trials & Tribulations of Our Elders:

Parents route to school

• “Chris-to-Fear” – This is for you!

• Wedded Bliss:


• At “Dr. Mc’s Clinic:

• Katzndawgz

• Mexican Word of the Day

• Redneck Language:

• The Friday Funnies Food & Nutrition Corner

… And now, in closing:


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