Christmas Lights & More Christmas Funnies

“The Fabulous Forties” Christmas Lights in east Sacramento
Hat tip to “Chuckasaurus” for introducing us to this!

In the “old money” section of Sacramento, California, east of downtown bordered by Folsom Boulevard, 48th Street, J Street and 45th Street, the residents band together each Christmas season to put on a spectacular show of Christmas lights. The show is so big and so popular, it has its own Yelp! page! Hundreds of cars drive through the area to see the sight. Trolleys loaded with families depart from the parking lot of a restaurant at 48th and Folsom to tour the area. A stand offering hot coffee drinks, hot chocolate and hot cider is at 45th at M Street.

This Christmas light show is an amazing and enjoyable production that has become a Sacramento tradition! While the main show is on a two block span between J Street and Folsom Boulevard between 45th and 47th, there are also well-lit homes as far west as 40th Street and also north of J Street. This, one of the most affluent areas in Sacramento, is in the streets numbered in the 40s, thus the handle “Fabulous Forties”. It is such a fabulous light show that people drive from out of the Sacramento area to see the production.

East Sac Xmas lights map

Suburbia Lights Up For Christmas

East Sac Xmas lights2

East Sac Xmas1

East Sac Xmas2

East Sac Xmas3

East Sac Xmas4

East Sac Xmas5


More Christmas Funnies:



Elves-decorate tree

Santa schiff house


Dear Santa


Christmas Headlines:





Delete your cookies

Christmas tree fainted

Whole tree

Tree is up

Redneck Christmas wreath

Unassembled snowmen

Snowman evolution


Night before Christmas

And now, in closing:

Snowflakes melting on an open fire


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  1. Kenneth Felton 22/12/2018 — 00:47

    It’s been quite a stressful year and your Friday funnies have been a life saver.
    Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

    In the town I grew up in, they had Peacock Lane, still do I think. It goes back to the twenties and use to have nationwide attention.

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  2. Thanks – I’ve got to share these!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Fabulous! Cheers into another new year!💕👍

    Liked by 1 person

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