The Best of The Week In Pictures

Steven Hayward posts The Week In Pictureeach Saturday at Power Line. “Jerry Mander” may have retired from blogging, but he gets up each Saturday to see what Steven has posted at Power Line. Here’s what “Jerry” thinks is the best of this week’s post.

Fauxhahontas announced her presidential exploratory committee. President Trump promptly tweeted this:

fauxchahontas-1:1024th bumper sticker

Others weighed in:

fauxchahontas-cherokee county

One for the You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up category:

fauxchahontas 1:1024th racist

Elsewhere in the Swamp D.C.:


nancy p. lousy-power


More selections from The Week In Pictures:

big words-cap lock

lights-siren-drag race

Top headline of the week:

wang recognized for growth

“Jerry” closes with this, but read the whole thing >>HERE<<

grilling me softly

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