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Steven Hayward’s

The Week In Pictures – House of Carbs Edition

take that, michelle
Steven writes:

“What can you say about a week that began with stacks of fast-food cheeseburgers in the White House and ended with Trump putting Nancy Pelosi on the no-fly list? I’d say it means Season 3 of The Trump Show is going to be lit. It’s only January. By summer, as the Democratic 2020 presidential field fills out, it is likely that liberals will be on the verge of clinical insanity. Trump is clearly Inspector Clouseau to the Democrats’ Chief Inspector Dreyfus. Just wait until Trump hears about Gillette razors. He’ll probably give his away to Jim Acosta.”

taco bell pay for it

500 big macs

he serve big mac

From his retirement home, “Jerry Mander” writes:

Trump pays Nancy P. Lousy back for her effort to reschedule the State of the Union address “because of the government shutdown” by grounding her junket flight on a military aircraft … (drum roll) … because of the government shutdown. Beautiful! Well played, Orange Man! Well played!

Steven Hayward posted these items on the subject:

nancy p. lousy-orange man took my plane away

nancy p. lousy - no fly list

nancy p. lousy-grounded

nancy p. lousy-commercial to afghanistan

nancy p. lousy-no plane no plane

nancy p. lousy- we been bad

nancy p. lousy - womp womp

More from The Week In Pictures :

nancy p. lousy- aoc-tide pods

great britain leaves eu

toxic masculinity

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And now, in closing, “Jerry Mander” sends this (via “B-Squared”):
• Mexican Word of the Day: Defense



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  1. Although I like them all, can I steal the Toxic humor?

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