The Best of The Week In Pictures


Steven Hayward’s
The Week In Pictures – Epidemic Fakery Edition

Steven writes:
“This was the week that featured more fakery than a plastic surgeon’s office in Beverly Hills: fake news about high school kids, fake Vietnam War veterans, fake budget votes on Capitol Hill, fake economic conferences in the Swiss alps, fake punts, fake field goals, fake everything. It’s like we’re besieged with motherfakers. And on top of that, we have a weekend without football.”

patriots vs. chiefs

chief nevabentanam

offensive hats


gump-suspended by facebook

cnn-working on next story

funny-did you say funny

pajama boy-gillette

toxic masculinity

snow predicted

porn tax for wall

Speaking of the border wall:

Trump & Nancy P. Lousy Announce Deal on Border Wall
(as posted by Steven Hayward)


Read the whole thing

From retirement, “Jerry Mander” sends us this to close with:


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