The Best of The Week In Pictures – Polar Vortex Edition

Steven Hayward writes:

“As everyone knows, the upper midwest, including Power Line Central Command in Minnesota, has been suffering from some extreme climate change this week. Because everything is caused by climate change. Even Donald Trump’s hairdo. Out here at Power Line Pacific Command on the Left Coast, we’re having some rain, but otherwise I’m in my shirtsleeves as usual. But first, we have to lead with this (and happy Groundhog Day, by the way):”

Northen - KKK hood


Build a wall

Closing bars in Wisconsin

You know it’s cold when Hell has frozen over!

Hell has frozen over

Hell has truly frozen over


Gorecal of Doom copy

Al Gore-polar vortex

Global warming lecture

Trump fixed global warming

Girl from Ipanema

Meanwhile, in Florida

In other news …

Federal Gov't McRib

Slow but run better than gov't



Read the whole thing >>HERE<<

“B-Squared” weighs in with these:

Meanwhile at the DNC

I don't watch CNN

And now, in closing, “Jerry Mander” thanks everyone who has sent him this:

Old Hitlery Manure Spreader


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  1. People can be ingenious!!

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  2. Great Post.

    cheers, parsnip

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